We were born in 2008 with a different ethos.

We confidently buck the trend in pursuit of the perfect solutions for our clients.
We are of the opinion that it is time for companies and small businesses to experience excellence when it comes to an IT services provider.
Maubtec is a Lagos born & based, IT services provider with one single focus which is to deliver the highest quality service to the people that matter, our clients.
We offer a fully-managed service for companies and small businesses who value the difference service, attention & excellence can bring to their business.


Our team, our service & our ethos revolve around adding business value to you.

We always look at the needs of your organisation and the key people involved, this means flexible IT support for all your employees be they back, front or middle office.
We take a sharp approach to IT project delivery; we know this can make a real difference to how things change in your organisation. We proudly provide professional & distinct IT advice and consultancy together with an extensive range of transparently delivered partner services. Our focus on excellence runs through all we do.


Underpinning growth, Minimising risks, Improving efficiency, Enhancing user experience.

We work with businesses that recognise the value of distinct, innovative and responsive IT services. These businesses are of different sizes, operating in different countries, but they all choose Maubtec because they know excellence in IT services can bring value to what they do. We work with people who know that cheapest is not always best.